Game Types

Here are some of our most popular game types:

Capture the Flag

An old favorite, this game consists of two equal teams, and can be run in a single elimination or multi-life format. Both teams start at their side of the field, and the first team to take the center flag and hang it on their opponent's start station wins


The game consists of two equal teams, each with a player nominated as President. It is usually run in multi-life format. Each team begins on their side of the field in their designated start area. The game is won by getting your team's President to the other team's start station, or by eliminating the others team's President. Presidents can only be eliminated by head shots.

The Wall

One team begins the game in our Wall, and the other team begins the game on the field below. The team in the Wall must defend it, and the team below must attack. Whichever team holds the wall at the end of the timed game wins.

Ghost Town Jail Break

The game consists of two equal teams and is played in the Ghost Town. When a player gets shot, they must go to the jail in the center of Ghost Town. In order to be freed from the jail, an active player from your team must tag the outside of the jail wall. The team with the least players in jail at the end of the time limit is the winner.

Attack/Defend the Ghost Town

This game is run on both the Ghost Town field and the Teepees field. One team is assigned to defend the Ghost Town, and the other team is assigned to attack from the Teepees field. Whichever team is in control of the town at the end of the time limit is the winner.


A small percentage of the open play group is nominated to start on the top floor of the back wall of Ghost Town. The rest of the open group are made attackers and have to try to get the nominated players out. Players in the wall are only eliminated by head shots.

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