$30 includes entry & Air fills (Compressed air only)

There will be no rental equipment available at this time. Players must be fully equipped. 



Airsoft Rules

Field FPS Limits:

  • All airsoft rifle's will be Chrono’d
  • 400 FPS Max with .25’s for SAW’s & Sniper Rifles

Airsoft Safety Requirements:

  • Full-seal goggles only. No mesh, shop, shooting style, or ATV goggles.
  • Full face protection required for all players.
  • Full hard face protection for anyone under 18 (Paintball Style Mask). No balaclava or shemagh exceptions.
  • Full-auto is not allowed in CQB areas. Semi-auto only.
  • Barrel Blockers are required for all weapons when in safe mode.
  • All magazines must be removed from weapons in safe zone.
  • No blind firing. You must be able to see with your own eyes where your gun is pointed. Gun mounted cameras are OK.

Age Restrictions:

10 - 17

  • Parent/Legal guardian must sign waiver.
  • Must wear full paintball styled mask.


  • You must sign waiver.
  • Must wear full-seal goggles and full face mask

Restricted Items:

The following items are restricted and are not allowed on the field or any area occupied by field participants (registration area, parking area, personal vehicles, etc.). Anyone found with any of these items will be asked to leave the field without a refund.

  • Real Firearms
  • Pellet guns
  • Knives
  • Any illegal weapons as defined by statute in the state the field is located.
  • Alcohol
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Any other item deemed inappropriate or illegal by the event staff



 Required equipment for play: Red rag/light to indicate “dead men” Full seal ANSI z87.1 (or better) rated goggles. Full face protection is required for all participants. Minors are required to wear hard full face protection ( paintball style mask). Shooter Glasses or ski goggles are NOT permitted. BARREL BAGS A MUST .

The max FPS limit is 400fps with .25g BBs semi only unless approved saw by staff .

Saws semi in ghost town unless shooting out . zip ties will be applied to hpa including Tippmans  

Safety kills are only an option.

Knife kills are allowed no stabbing or hitting hard a light tap on the shoulder.

Thunder bbs are not a kill cyclones and tornados are or a 203 rocket or nerf ball in a window are .

Smoke grenades are ok as long as cleared with refs .


All players must sign a waiver for the field and under 18 must have parents on hand to sign !

Respawn will be the style of play.

Call your hit be honest so everyone has fun. If you are caught not calling your hits you will be warned then you will sit a few games. If that does not work you will be ejected. We will have visible refs and refs in game playing on both teams so we will be watching .

There are no camo color requirements. You will be getting taped arm bands for teams WE WILL HAVE AIR FOR REFILLS free of charge. We recommend boots bring water and snacks . THIS IS A CASH ONLY THERE IS AN ATM IN THE PRO SHOP

Any questions message billy reel or go on are facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BEANBoston-Elite-Airsoft-Nation-1432346817079569/

Or you can e-mail Event coordinator Billy Reel  Billyreel@gmail.com