Airsoft has been growing since we began hosting events, and our events have become some of the most professional ones in New England. We welcome the most experienced players as well as those participating for their first time.

Airsoft at PnL

PnL has been hosting Airsoft events for the last few years. The events are organized by Plague and/or Wizard, from, who post scheduled events on that site as well as other localized Airsoft forums. Any specific questions can be directed to Plague at

Rentals are not available at this time. Events take place in the evening hours, with Sign-In and Chrono from 2:00 - 3:30 PM. The events run from 4:00 - 9:00 PM, unless otherwise noted.

Airsoft Rules

More Information & Expanded Rules

Field FPS Limits:

  • All airsoft rifle's will be Chrono’d
  • 370 FPS Max with .25’s, .20’s or .12’s
  • 400 FPS Max with .25’s for SAW’s & Sniper Rifles

Airsoft Safety Requirements:

  • Full-seal goggles only. No mesh, shop, shooting style, or ATV goggles.
  • Full face protection for anyone under 18 (Paintball Style Mask). No balaclava or shemagh exceptions.
  • Full-auto is not allowed in CQB areas. Semi-auto only.
  • Barrel Blockers are required for all weapons when in safe mode.
  • All magazines must be removed from weapons in safe zone.
  • No blind firing. You must be able to see with your own eyes where your gun is pointed. Gun mounted cameras are OK.

Age Restrictions:

Under 12

    (due to insurance policy restrictions)

12 - 13

  • Parent/Legal guardian/Someone 18+ must play with you.
  • Parent/Legal guardian must sign waiver.
  • Must wear full paintball styled mask.

14 - 15

  • Parent/Legal guardian/Someone 18+ must remain on site.
  • Parent/Legal guardian must sign waiver.
  • Must wear full paintball styled mask.

16 - 17

  • Parent/Legal guardian must sign waiver.
  • Must wear full paintball styled mask.


  • You must sign waiver.
  • Must wear full-seal goggles or full paintball styled mask.

Restricted Items:

The following items are restricted and are not allowed on the field or any area occupied by field participants (registration area, parking area, personal vehicles, etc.). Anyone found with any of these items will be asked to leave the field without a refund.

  • Real Firearms
  • BB guns
  • Knives, real or fake (folding knives are OK as long as they are not visible and are left closed).
  • Any illegal weapons as defined by statute in the state the field is located.
  • Alcohol
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Any other item deemed inappropriate or illegal by the event staff

Hit, Medic and Respawn Rules:

Different events have different rules in place regarding this subject. please see the Event postings for specific rules for that event.

Also, note that it is not always the case that both teams have the same rules for re-entry into a game once hit - there may be completely different rules for each side; So, do not assume the other team is subject to the same game re-entry rules as your team.


It is up to the participant to ensure proper face protection. Face Protection and/or mouth guards are strongly recommended. There is often a lot of close contact and there is a high probability you will suffer close range face hits through no fault of your own or other players. Players who do not wear face protection play at their own risk.

Weapon classes (Sniper, SAW, Grenadier, etc.) can be requested, but final assignment is up to approval from the event staff.

Any issues of players not calling hits or any other issues that need to be addressed should be brought to the attention of the event staff. You should not engage in any argument or physical altercation with any other player. The event staff will handle all disputes and the decision of the event staff is FINAL.

It is up to all participants to adhere to the above rules. It is also up to the individual participant to find their own person 18+ to play with you if you are 12-13 or to have someone 18+ remain on site if you are 13-14.